cantine e vigneti

70033 Corato (Ba) Italy

strada San Vittore 1-3; c.p. - 165


80121 Napoli Italy

Piazza dei Martiri 30

tel +39 081.7642888

P. IVA 05534120638

The Santa Lucia winery west of Corato, 300 m. above sea level, cultivates predominantly indigenous vines. These vineyards are Melograno, Santa Lucia, Tufaroli and Castigliola, and they cover an area of just under 37 acres. They vines are
surrounded by Coratina olive groves that produce an excellent extra virgin olive oil with a fruity and naturally spicy flavour.

The single guyot training systems has been in use since 1995 for the Nero di Troia and Fiano grapes, with a density of about 5,500 plants per hectare (2,200 per acre). A crop of Bombino Nero from 1990 instead is trained using the pergola with guyot method.
Average yields are between 6,000 and 9,000 Kgs. per hectare, and bud pruning takes place in May, (elimination of double buds), with cluster pruning happening between June and July. In very dry years, a constant drip irrigation system is exceptionally used.
The annual production is limited to 60,000 bottles of wine and 5,000 of extra virgin olive oil.
We export just over 50% of the production

The mostly indigenous vineyards are:
-Nero di Troia for the production of red wines under the DOP Castel
del Monte labels;
-Bombino Nero for the rosè (Castel del Monte DOCG);
-Fiano for the white (IGP)
Our “Riserva” wine also comes from Nero di Troia grapes.
The vineyards are manicured plant by plant, with the same care that would be devoted to a personal garden. This passion has always been the drive in growing
the vines; a philosophy whose objective has always been to produce quality wines.

Roberto Perrone Capano, the current owner of the winery, works in
Naples, yet he has always maintained the family link to the Apulia region that has its origins in 1628.
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