cantine e vigneti

70033 Corato (Ba) Italy

strada San Vittore 1-3; c.p. - 165


80121 Napoli Italy

Piazza dei Martiri 30

tel +39 081.7642888

P. IVA 05534120638

The Santa Lucia Estate started to phase into organic farming in 2013, officially completing its conversion in 2016.

Since the 2016 harvest, we have proudly added the leaf logo a symbol for organic production - on the back label of all of our wines. All of our olives are also a product of organic farming entirely, and our organic farming practices are certified by the ICEA.

Since 2010, the photovoltaic panels installed on our rooftop has produced all the energy needed to fully support our operations.

Two different burners are employed for indoor heating: one burns olive processing waste, such as dry pomace and olive’s nuts, or more simply the wood obtained from olive trees and vines after pruning; the other uses suitable wood pellets.

We take care of our emissions into the atmosphere, as well as the treatment reserved to vineyards and olive trees, by using copper and sulfur without any additional laboratory chemical products.
Artisan Organic Wines