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Story Art Legend

Story Art Legend

Castel del Monte between history and legend

UNESCO World Heritage Site

The definitive architectural restoration of Castel del Monte, the Romanesque-styled XIII century octagonal castle commissioned by Frederick the Second of Svevia (Hohenstaufen), located less than 20 kilometres from our vineyards, dates back to the second half of 1950’s thanks to Bruno Malajoli’s extraordinary action.


The Queen among Puglia's Chatedrals

The Trani Cathedral, built in honour of Saint Nicholas the Pilgrim, represents one of the most famous monuments of Romanesque art. 

The Cathedral of Ruvo and the Jatta Museum

A few kilometres from the Santa Lucia winery -crossing farms, short dry walls, jazzi, karstic formations, olive grooves and vineyards of the Alta Murgia- stands Ruvo, a place where it is possible to find an unusually elegant fusion of nature and culture.

Artisan Organic Wines