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70033 Corato (Ba) Italy

strada San Vittore 1-3; c.p. - 165


80121 Napoli Italy

Piazza dei Martiri 30

tel +39 081.7642888

P. IVA 05534120638


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

On the Santa Lucia Estate, at 300 mt. above sea level, we grow about 600 ancient olive trees of the
“coratina” variety, with the care traditionally reserved only for flowers.

It’s a small production compared to the almost 50 million trees existing in Apulia, the heel of Italy.
The leaves of which form elegant silver waves during the summer sunsets.

Acidity is at about 0.3%, much lower than the limit of 1% established for all Mediterranean extra
virgin olive oils.

Harvesting takes place in December and bottling in late February; cold crushing by means of
granite stones, and extraction with a centrifugal system.

Golden yellow with olive green veins; fruity to the smell and taste; piquant in its youthfulness.
This oil is ideal when served raw on salads, pasta dishes, soups and vegetables.

It’s capacity of contrasting both oxidation and the effects of high temperatures, integrates in the
healthy Mediterranean diet with an exceptional contribution of vitamins.

A couple of spoons a day can help to reduce the risks of coronary disease.
Santa Lucia extra virgin olive oil, a taste of freshly crushed olives.

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