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Organic Wines and oil: a production aimed at sustainability

Azienda Agricola Santa Lucia has been applying organic agriculture since 2009. Starting from the 2016 grape harvest, all our wines are green-certified on the label.

Our olives and “Coratina” extra-virgin olive oil are also from organic cultivation. Treatments to vineyards and olive yards are based exclusively on sulfur and copper, without synthetic chemicals, green manure, emergency watering, wild herbs growth and organic fertilization.

Organic farming is not only a choice but a business model that reflects our vocation. We abandoned the use of pesticides and chemicals in favor of farming practices aimed at respecting biodiversity and protecting plants, animals, and insects that help maintain the natural balance of our vineyard. Therefore, compared to many other colleagues, we accept the higher risk of pest infection, controlling it through more intense vineyard work.

ape nei vigneti
uve in crescita

We have also chosen environmental sustainability from an energy perspective. In 2010, we have installed a photovoltaic plant on the farm roofs that provides a reasonable energy self-sufficiency rate (50 kW peak) thanks to the energy exchange on site. We sell clean energy and repurchase it from the leading national suppliers.

We use boilers suitable for burning olive processing wastes (bones), wood from olive trees and other big tree branches, and wood pellets for room warming. We experience warm summers and often cold winters, rarely snowy, due to cold air coming from the Balkans.

Love for land is given by protecting it

Respecting the environment and sustaining the land are tangible realities at the core of Azienda Agricola Santa Lucia’s philosophy. We clean our farm personally, even along the public road nearby.

We acknowledge the great importance of preserving the beauty of the places and environment, aware that only a healthy environment can produce “responsible” wines, reach quality goals, and obtain a dignified future for the next generations. What we see in the oceans with microplastics is a warning.   

We do our best to take care of beauty in a way compatible with our territory and nature, even concerning the yearly budget of small producers that follow a “vertical” process from the plant to the market sale. Without any action by finance operators, renouncing to any standard and homologation of taste and behaviors.

We are constantly committed to the search for innovative solutions aimed at reducing the impact of our production on the environment by saving water, using renewable sources of energy, decreasing our carbon footprint by choosing light glasses – even if it’s not the best choice in terms of image – and producing compost for fertilization collected by the families living in the farm.

We use underground rainwater, with a 600-meter-deep artesian well built in 1984. A nautical derivated reverse osmosis filtering plant provides the microbiological standards, as by the “AQP” authorized supplies, the Pugliese waterline.

Our artisanal organic productions are the result of our approach aimed at reducing waste, recycling materials, and minimizing the impact on the environment: a virtuous cycle that we hope will benefit all the players involved: the ground, the underground, our visitors, our guests, our customers, the fauna and flora.