The awarded excellence of our organic artisanal wines

Year after year, the artisanal organic DOC, DOCG and DOP wines of Azienda Agricola Santa Lucia have received many awards that independently confirm their quality.

Every award, as listed below, represents a tribute to the passion and experience of our vine cultivation and to the work of all those who keep high the level of Puglia vines tradition, which is very strong and with a modern and sustainable view. All this offers authentic productions and new sensory experiences to the taster.

Luckily, our guests often say goodbye to us while wishing to come back and see us again, to breathe the clean air of our countryside. We make all our efforts to make them happy, also thanks to our two expert sommelier girls who take care of the reservations for those who want to visit our cellar. If you don’t like a hot climate, avoid August: we have eleven more months, all much milder!

Roberto Perrone Capano

Riserva le more

Il Melograno

Fior di Ribes

Gazza Ladra