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The digital channel for wine and oil lovers

Santa Lucia Wine Club uses a digital platform to introduce all wine, oil, and nature lovers to the production site, the philosophy that animates it, and the emotions that arise from it.

As FIVI producers committed to processing native vines from plant to bottle, we feel responsible and proud to make our products known.

We know that, sometimes, even the best experts do not know all the native Italian grapes or, more precisely, Apulian grapes. Sitting at a table and ordering a Nero di Troia is uncommon, especially compared to other globally famous historical wines. But we assure you that our bottles, too, are happy to be emptied and purchased!

We know that not everybody can physically reach our farm. For this reason, we created the Santa Lucia Wine Club project, a virtual space to share dialogue, start relations and offer wine lovers the possibility to buy online and drink our Apulian organic wines and extra-virgin olive oil made from “Coratina” olives.

Discover how our digital club works.