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Live the multisensory experience of Apulian “masserie”

The history and philosophy of Azienda Agricola Santa Lucia are part of the beauties of the Murge area in central Puglia, Italy. In the past, many Apulian wine estates were mainly dedicated to producing alcohol and color destined for international producers. Since the end of the seventies, our company has committed to producing native bottled wines.

Our farm has been owned by the Perrone Capano family since 1628: originally from Trani, and then Naples since the end of the 19th century. Our ancestors were magistrates in the Bourbon era, with our great-grandfather Giuseppe having moved to Naples. His descendants, all jurists, have jealously preserved both the Apulian academic and agricultural traditions.

The structure of the villa and cellars of Azienda Agricola Santa Lucia dates back to 1822, while a map from 1849 shows the extension of the vineyards, drawn by hand one by one (the original is posted on the wall of our office, in Corato).

pianta topografica azienda agricola

Today, it is possible to visit this corner of history and tradition. While touring our estate, you will vividly sense the passion and dedication that, for over two centuries, we have placed in every bottle of wine and oil and in every plant. You will discover a territory that gives life to some of the best Italian wine productions, starting from the beginning of the third millennium AD.

Today, we are winemakers, members of the FIVI family: this means that we take care of the vertical production process that starts from the plants, all owned, up to the transformation, production and marketing.

We will be happy to welcome you all year round, in the afternoons from Monday to Saturday, to accompany you on a guided tour of our cellars, vineyards and art nouveau tasting room.

To book your visit, simply contact us via the button below or e-mail