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bottiglia di olio evo castigliola

Puglia organic oil obtained from Coratina olives

In Corato, at the Santa Lucia estate, 250 meters above sea level, we cultivate with great respect for the environment and care traditionally reserved for flowers approximately six hundred long-lived olive trees of the “Coratina” quality according to organic farming protocols. A minimal production compared to the about sixty million plants in Italy, whose foliage exposed to the wind and the light of the summer sunset creates elegant silver waves.

The acidity of our organic EVO oil is approximately 0.3%, well below the 0.85% limit expected for extra-virgin quality.

The harvest takes place by hand at the end of November; extraction by cold mechanical pressing a few hours after harvest. The oil’s bottling is in January.

Golden yellow in color with olive green veins; fruity smell and taste; spicy in the first year of life, as your throat will feel in the absence of food. The taste softens with glass refinement, enhancing raw dishes, pasta, soups and vegetables.

The antioxidant characteristics of olive oil complement the Mediterranean diet with an exceptional vitamin intake and help prevent circulatory risks. We recommend the moderate use of olive oil to live healthily.

Extra-virgin Santa Lucia oil: olive juice.